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Live & Love Your Authentic Lifestyle

Hi, I’m Thea.  Welcome to the home of Bold Soul Coaching.

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I believe that women are game changers whether you become a great boss, bring the sandwiches, make hats or start a revolution.

I love to nurture creativity, passions and talents. It’s in the hidden, quiet, secret wishes that life changing schemes are born. Something is nagging deep down. I see that too often an important ingredient is missing-the encouragement & insight to see that big dreams are possible. In the conditioning we receive there’s no room for the real you or the chance to create a lifestyle that reflects your soul longings.

 It’s time to look at the whole of your life, to fit all the pieces of your personal puzzle together—it’s what I’ve found women keep telling me they desire—to allow their gifts to flourish AND to practically create a life that feels authentic, that suits their many sides & many needs (& the needs of the people they love too).

I see (and feel, as I’m one of those intuitive types) that every woman* brings a totally unique combination of energy, gifts & life longings. It’s time for you to see that unique gold in you & get it out there! It’s time for you to live & love your authentic lifestyle.

It’s my passion, my mission and my pleasure to help you to do so.

 “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” Joseph Campbell

*I also work with some amazing game changing men too.

“Thea is great, really positive and has the skills to help you to move forward in your life. I was feeling really stuck and hemmed in and didn’t know where to start. I’d say, go for it!”

Working with Thea has helped me to start the process of opening up my life- it has given me a chink of light and it has been so great to have a supportive ear to listen to me aswell and to help me put my life into context. I have gained perspective, context, positivity and a plan to help me move forward.

Helen, Brighton. UK

Before working with Thea I felt overwhelmed by all the different aspects of my life that were needing my attention. I was also struggling with how best to take action. Working with Thea, I was able to gain clarity around the kinds of daily practices I needed to bring more fully into my life. These practices helped me to shift limiting beliefs and also to look at my situation with more optimism. Her guidance is thoughtful, compassionate, and practical. I wholeheartedly recommend Thea’s services for those looking to take back their power and engage more intentionally in life!

Stacyann, California, USA