The Story of Georgia (& her confidence)

Let me tell you about Georgia.Thoughtful-Woman-Looking-Away-300x300

Georgia HAD done brave, exciting-even thrilling things with her life but they seemed so far away now.

She’d studied abroad, met Tom whilst Island hopping in Greece and even had an article about the shoes she’d designed in Vogue.

But it seemed like that was another person now. It felt so long ago. Where had she gone?

Although she had so much to be grateful for she knew that-there was Tom and the baby. Everything was ok.

Her part time job as a legal secretary (she’d taken just to pay the bills-but it didn’t really even do that), dirty nappies (and some lovely cuddles too of course) seemed to fill her days.

Where had her confidence gone? She just wanted to feel good again, build a career she enjoyed and bring in decent money too.

But it felt like there was not enough time and life was passing quickly. She didn’t know where to start and the whole thing was just overwhelming. She didn’t want to burden Tom anymore with her whining (although he told her she wasn’t whining, she felt like it).

Everyday she felt stuck. Or at the very least, like she was wasting her talents. The beautiful bronze Italian leather ankle boots she’d poured her heart into making after University lay gathering dust on the landing.

Something HAD to change…

Who is Georgia?

She’s been me.

She might be you too.

With different details of course. But some of the themes are the same.

We all go through times in our lives when we lose our confidence through no fault of our own. It could be due to illness, having children, a bad break up or a terrible boss. Or just feeling uncertain running your own business or going for that thing you’d love.

I recently offered 5 free Bold Soul Discovery Sessions and then because these filled up so quickly, I did 5 more.

And this is what surprised me.

This was the same theme for almost everyone I spoke to. Confidence. And finding the inner strength, courage and outer resources to do their thing! Needing a plan too.

So, I decided to make a quick Burst Out! 1 month Powerful 121 Coaching Program at 50% off. Because everyone needs some support to get out there again! Imagine what you could accomplish in a month with someone who believes in you and gives you the tools to feel great again.


What happened to Georgia?

You’ll have to excuse the literary license. I made her up to protect the privacy of all my clients but as a way to tell their stories by the power of metaphor.

I like to think that she sent her beautiful shoes out to a major store who decided to stock them next Spring.

It took some persistence but now she’s working with manufacturers. She’s still in her part time job but now she knows it’s not forever.

Tom and her have booked a family holiday to Greece and she feels more optimistic now—like she got herself back.

This is fiction but something very like the real experience of my clients.

“Thea is more than a life coach_ she is a burst of fresh air and enthusiasm if you are -2

Watch this space for details of my Burst Out! Program or register your interest here.

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