What people don’t tell you about magic & struggle (my tale).

Do you believe in magic? This is my tale & what people don’t tell you about magic & struggle.

Have you ever experienced a crazy synchronicity or coincidence that seemed too crazy to be true?

I’ve had a few.

Some are particularly memorable, like standing behind a girl I went to school with (& hadn’t seen for 18 years) at a check out in a supermarket in New Zealand. Yes, New Zealand!

That slightly blew my mind at the time.

We recognised each other & chatted for a little while. I was so shocked, I lost the power of speech afterwards & got us lost as I failed to help Simon (my lovely husband) map read the way to our hostel.

A few months ago, Simon & I had another crazy thing happen.

Simon has had a photo of a cottage on the screen saver of his computer for about 2 years. He just pulled it off the internet after typing, ‘cottages in Sussex’ because he’d love to live in one. We’d both gotten so used to seeing it there every day & thought nothing of it.


The cottage was similar to this delightful one.

The cottage was similar to this delightful one.

We love to go house and pet sitting. We’ve done this all over the country in the past. Simon suggested we find a nice house sitting job in Sussex in September before the winter came so he could enjoy sitting in a lovely big green garden.

So, I started hunting & I found a great sounding house sitting job on a website we’ve used a lot & applied. It had no photo (but had a lovely dog & cat) and sounded just the ticket. The owners liked the sound of us too & sent over their address.

Before we went, we looked it up on Google Earth.

You know what I’m going to say, right?

It was EXACTLY the same cottage as Simon had had on his computer for 2 years.


Our jaws dropped.

And we took the job, we stayed there for 10 days. It was like walking into the photo. Magic!

It was lovely there, we felt very at home & it inspired Simon even more to want to live in the countryside….but I wasn’t sure, we didn’t know exactly where we’d want to go, we didn’t think we could afford our ideal place….but we wrote down the features of our ideal cottage anyway (encouraged by an amazing money exercise from master business coach Sherold Barr-here I am in her blog talking about it).

It had to have 2 floors, old wooden beams & be close to a train station.

Then the struggle came. It had already been going on for a while but it got worse.

And I think that’s what is often not mentioned in these sort of stories—that something amazing happens, that the person gets there in the end but the hard bit gets brushed over quickly! Which, as the reader, can make you feel like—why can’t I just get there to that amazing business, job, house move, financial,freedom, relationship or spiritual enlightenment so easily??!!

Sometimes crazy amazing lucky magic just happens. Most often, it’s come out of struggle.

Here’s the struggle. Our flat was damp, really damp-it was so bad in the bedroom that we’d started to get sick & lose our clothes, books & furniture (& walls) to mould. Sometimes we’d tread on slugs! YUCK!!!

The landlord finally listened but was slow to act. We ended up sleeping in our living room feeling desperate.

And it was out of this desperation that the magic happened….because quite honestly, I’d had enough. I was at my wits end. I couldn’t focus on anything & had grown an even greater dislike of slugs. I would glare at them angrily when they were just minding their own business slime-ing up someone else’s house.

The move we really wanted didn’t seem possible. But I started searching anyway.

I was tired, ill & honestly, pissed off. But I stayed open to what was possible…although not perfectly so, I had a few rants here and there. (I emphasise this because so often people feel with the idea of law of attraction that they have to be feeling perfectly positive ALL of the time or it won’t work).

But then the magic happened. Unbelievably we got offered a cottage, that was on the estate of a stately home and guess what?

It has 2 floors, old wooden beams & is close to a train station. And despite it not seeming like we could afford it yet-it was the same price as we were already paying.

What??!! Our jaws dropped again.

Sometimes the seemingly impossible is possible. And we are loving our new, totally slug free, dry, warm, cosy & lovely home.

IMG_1308 (1)
The Thing For You…..

If there is something you’re struggling with right now.

A) That’s life, it’s normal & you’ve done nothing wrong.

B) It doesn’t mean that magic isn’t possible. Sometimes the truth is that certain things take you getting really pissed off or stretching yourself out of your comfort zone so that you take that action.

Or work out exactly what’s holding you back.

It’s so hard sometimes when you’re standing in the middle of it all & you can’t see the wood for the trees. Some people blame the world & some of us blame ourselves (that’s normally my game—always still working on my inner critic).

C) I sometimes need someone else’s perspective (I certainly had some professional & personal help with the house situation above) & if you do, you know where I am! 🙂

You deserve a big old dose of kindness, compassion & understanding.

There is always a way in the end. A path will always emerge. Sometimes it just takes being a bit of a Bold Soul.



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  • Sherold Barr
    December 14, 2015

    Thea thank you for sharing your story. I loved reading this.

    • Thea
      December 14, 2015

      Thanks for the lovely comment Sherold and your part in the story too! Happy Holidays x

  • Susan Viljoen
    December 17, 2015

    Great example of how magic happens – and a warning that you have to be looking out for it to see it. Love it. Happy cosy nights in your new home!

    • Thea
      January 3, 2016

      Thanks Susan! That’s so true too. Happy New Year x

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