Mind Blowing Magical Manifestation Story Number 2

You might remember that a little while ago I wrote about my own magical story of manifesting our new home.

Well, a very lovely client & friend of mine recently told me about her equally jaw dropping, delightful story.

I love working with & knowing Isabel*, despite the challenges she’s faced in her life (& there’s been more then a few of those)—she’s always bravely faces difficulty head on & finds her way through to the light at the end of the tunnel—ever optimistic that life will present something wonderful.

Isabel is a divorced mother/grandmother & a retired nurse recovering from a long illness. She has to stretch her fixed income just to get by. This hasn’t stopped her dreaming of being able to re-decorate her lounge (after very many years) just the way she would love it. She has an artistic eye & a love of beauty so she knows it would make a big difference to her every day life.

But she had no spare money to add the beauty & style that she dreams of.


Some time ago, Isabel had finally managed to get a loan to make many of the changes to her slightly neglected home (due to her health recovery taking priority) but this could only stretch so far. She’d managed to save enough of the loan (& get an incredible deal) to finally get her out dated windows replaced later this January.

But the lounge would sadly have to wait.

However, ever open & optimistic she told me that she wanted some money to come.

Some people believe that the Universe delivers or that manifestation comes from setting your sights on something & that means you suddenly start seeing the opportunity & take the right action. Isabel also believes in God.

She said, ‘I want God to knock on my door & bring me the money.’ So, she asked the Universe & let it go.

Even though I believe in the power of intention & that miracles happen….I was skeptical it would happen quite like this.

Then, in mid December, Isabel was busy cooking her lunch when she heard it— a knock on the front door.

It was God.

Well, actually it was a TV researcher.


God (aka Richard* from ITV) explained that they were setting a 1980’s TV drama on Isabel’s street & that as she was one of the only residents with the old style of window (the windows she was about to get updated & had felt terrible ashamed of)—her house would be perfect.

And they would pay her too. A nice sum—enough to re-decorate her lounge beautifully.

Isabel was thrilled. She postponed having the replacement windows fitted (until after the filming) & emailed me in delight.

She said, ‘The Universe has been listening to me!!’

It was important to Isabel that I didn’t make this story seem too glamorous, that I told the truth & for her that truth is that, ‘the Universe wants us to grow. That manifesting is just a way of growing in a relationship of love and trust, with this positive Power that wants us to live from our hearts. That there is always the test of releasing negative energy and a lot of surrender and letting go.’

I think it’s about taking inspired action too often out of your comfort zone. For Isabel that was saying ‘Yes’ to having her house filmed—her natural instinct is to shy away from attention.

Magic can happen. Isabel’s wish did literally come knocking at her door.


I keep hearing LOTS of these kinds of magical amazing stories at the moment. And 2016 is predicted to give you the opportunity to open to more love & joy then ever before…

‘There will be many reminders that you are here to live fully – to feel the utmost joy – not to dabble in life, but to live every moment as if there was no tomorrow.’ Tania Gabrielle

What would you love to manifest this 2016? If you do as Isabel suggests & deeply listen to your own heart & your intuition about what type of abundance would help you to grow in your life….what would that be?


Here are 5 Quick steps:

  1. It’s great to start from a place of gratitude. What do you feel grateful for that experienced or continued to enjoy in 2015? Write down 5 things…

2. What would you love to manifest in 2016?

There are 2 sides to this…
a) What changes (your thinking & emotions) would you love to experience within yourself (e.g more confidence, more open hearted love, more carefree fun). Write down 5…

b) What external practical experiences (e.g holidays, work, hobbies etc) or actual people & important objects (e.g new friends, a soul mate, a new house etc) would you love to welcome in this year? Write down 5 (or more)…

3.  Now build a picture in your mind of what life will look like with all of these feelings, thoughts, experiences & people  in your life.

Close your eyes & imagine. What does it look like? What does it all FEEL like?

4. What do you need let go of & let in?
a) What do you need to release (thoughts, emotions, habits or people) to create this new life? Write these down…

b) What do you need to embrace (e.g more support, seeing how talented you are, ideas & opportunities you’ve ignored)? Remember to listen to your intuition not just your mind when you write these down…

5. Complete your ritual….say a prayer, tell the Universe or simply tell yourself that you will follow this path & put your words in an envelope to look at in a year, under a candle or whatever you like…howl at the moon, dance to your favourite tune or you could even burn them to release them!

This is such an important time to set your intentions, release old patterns & get ready to create your amazing 2016.

I can help with this & anything else you’d love…

There are 2 x 2016 opportunities that I’m very excited about.

I’m offering 5 people Create Your Magical 2016 One Off Sessions (where we can set your intentions & work through any blocks for your year to come or ANYTHING you like!). These 1 hour sessions are only £59 each. Just drop me a line to book (or with any questions).

They’ll go fast, so book now!

Or to really get your 2016 going with a bang. Check out my 4 Session Introductory Burst Out Program at only £199.
I’m here to love & support your dreams. They CAN happen!

  • Names changed.

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  • Sherold Barr
    January 16, 2016

    Thea – I loved this story. It’s great that Isabel asked for it to knock on her door. Amazing story. Keep them coming:)

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