How long are the sessions & where are they?

Coaching session are 1 hour and taken over Skype/Facetime or landline/mobile/cell (if you’re in the UK). I also work in person in at The Therapy Rooms in Hove, East Sussex.


Why work with a coach?

Coaching gives you an important space for YOU– it’s for you to be really heard and to reflect on what you’d like for your life but also make an actionable plan. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes in your own mind! Because of the nature of the relationship I can also support you more deeply then in a friendship or partnership.

It’s a powerful process that therefore allows you to make big change in a short amount of time. It can involve getting to the bottom of what’s true & what you really want instead. I love to work with inner & outer change, so, that might be working through your blocks, confidence issues whilst making a practical plan of action that you will be accountable for.


What kind of coach do I need?

There are different sorts of coaches out there. I work with women who might describe themselves as creative &/or intuitive and sensitive. In the past decade I’ve worked with all sorts of issues from making a career, work or business change to starting creative projects to creating relationship and emotional shifts.

I would always advice that you work with a coach who is qualified (&/or has significant skills/knowledge), who has lots of life experience, who walks their talk & has a proven track record. But most of all, someone you like and trust.

My style of coaching is warm, empathic (& intuitive)—we’ll definitely laugh too when it’s appropriate but I will absolutely get to the heart of an issue and make sure I can you where you need to go. I won’t let you off the hook!


Is the free discovery call for me?

If you’re seriously considering investing in yourself by having some coaching but you’d like a chat to check out how I can help and see if I’m the right coach for you, then yes! There’s no hard sell or obligation.

However, if you’re just after free help/advice & information then please check out the resources here, sign up to my newsletter or come to one of my events.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This varies depending on what point of your life you’re at and what you’d need (& what kind of support you’d like). If you book in for a free discovery call with me, we can absolutely figure this out. Plus if you book a package but would love to keep working together, we can always do that. I’m not going anywhere!

What happens in coaching sessions?

This varies depending upon the reason you have come to coaching but we may set some goals at the beginning. We will ask, what would you like to achieve in our time together? What issues also feel like priority?

We will use a mixture of talk therapy, NLP, visualisations and other powerful tools/techniques I’ve learnt & created.

Most people say that they feel lighter, more clear & ready to take action after a session.


How do I pay?

If you’re in the UK, I’ll email you my details to make a bank transfer. But if you’re outside of the UK &/or you prefer, I’ll invoice you via Paypal.


Can I pay in instalments?

That’s absolutely fine. I’m always happy to work out how best you can spread the coast of sessions.


What experience and qualifications do you have as a coach?

I achieved an honours degree at The University of Sussex In English Literature in 2000. I then changed life course and received a Clinical Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and E.F.T from The Optimum Health Clinic in London. Whilst this is my official qualification, I’ve taken more courses and classes in personal development, psychology, business, creativity, play and spirituality then I can count. I still attend many talks and events plus put on a conference of my own–in 2017 I co-founded Wildfire Women.

I’ve now had more then a decade of supporting women to transform their lives and I still love it! My testimonials can vouch for that! (link)


How are you walking your talk?

I’m a BIG believer in a coach walking their talk. Check out my story here (link)-I’ve had one hell of a personal journey! I had to heal and transform my health, life and relationships in a huge way. I’ve had to dig deep to develop my own courage and confidence to do my work in the world and continue to use my own coaching plus receive support when I need it to.

I’ve also had to learn about business and now have my successful coaching practise with an international client base, I’ve written for magazines, taught & talked all over the country, written and lead courses plus now have co-founded conference too called Wildfire Women. There’s also a book in the pipeline too!

For any other questions and for my full terms & conditions please just drop me a line.