A Story of Adventure

Your Adventure Begins Here.

This month I’ve been very inspired by two soul led, adventurous women. One is well known (at least in spiritual circles) and the other is not (but no less amazing for it).

The Universe practically forced me to meet Kristine in a synchronous sequence of events a couple of weekends ago. I’m on lots of email lists, always looking out for fun things, when an email popped up about a Zombie Evacuation Run. That’s right, it’s a 5km run over fields (which in itself is not so inspiring to me) but this run involved being chased by zombies over an assault course. Obviously, I thought, ‘that sounds awesome!’ And mainly my intuition light had started blinking, telling me to get in touch with this Kristine newly arrived in town from Vancouver. So, I did. She replied and said thanks for getting in touch but we were too late for tickets for the run….dammit! That was on Saturday.

The next day, I was still thinking, maybe I should get in touch with her and invite her for a coffee instead. It disappointingly might not involve zombies, being chased or mud, but she might still enjoy a more mundane but pleasant activity. Whilst I mulled, my good friend Karen asked me if I’d like to go for dinner that night with a new friend of hers (well, actually a friend of a friend she’d not actually met before) who’d recently moved here from Vancouver……you can guess the rest.

I climbed in Karen’s car to go to the pub. A friendly curly haired young woman sat on the back seat. ‘My name’s Kristine’, she said. It dawned on me, that ‘no way’ this was the same zombie running girl sat in the dog cage (as I joked-my friend Karen walks dogs). The Universe has shoved us in the same direction. Good old the Universe, I love a bit of synchronicity.


This is Kristine.

 So why did she inspire me?

A few years ago in her mid twenties, Kristine had a lovely home she had just bought, she was engaged to be married (they’d even visited the wedding venue) and had a well paid job with a shiny car. She had everything, everything that you’re supposed to want. But she was miserable and felt trapped.

Despite chronic anxiety she’d suffered for years, she decided to do something about it. She split up from her fiancé, bought him out of the newly purchased home (although she couldn’t actually afford to live in it) and decided to really get to the bottom of her anxiety. Amazingly she found an anxiety expert living down the road and despite still missing her ex and wondering if she’d done the right thing, she made a plan. Go to Europe!

Kristine left the secure job, rented out her condo and sold the posh car to spend two years here in the UK, on her own, knowing nobody and with no idea where she might live. She tried Scotland, London and eventually 2 months ago decided Brighton was the place to be and began her new life here, initially finding a room to rent with a family and 2 tiny early morning screaming children. She joined a running club, found voluntary work, is going for job interviews (in fact she just got a temp job) and even started dating. She wasted no time. But she’s excited to be here and loves it, loves that so many places in Europe are just a 2 hour plane ride away too.

And then there she was, in the back of Karen’s car whilst we all set off to celebrate the Canadian thanksgiving for the new girl in town so far from home, missing her Grandmother’s thanksgiving turkey and embarrassing stories.

Brave, don’t you think? I do.

She says that sometimes it’s been hard, she still occasionally misses her ex, worries that she hasn’t got all the things sorted that some people of her age do-the house, the career, the husband and kids. And sometimes that makes her want to sort everything out much more quickly. But then she remembers that she’s chosen a different path and that she wasn’t happy in her old life. She also reminds herself to enjoy her life and have fun everyday (music to my ears!)….which she does. She’s certainly embracing life.

I think it’s so easy, when we hear these stories of transformation and of people that have made brave changes to think that maybe they had something, some special gene, some exceptional circumstances that make them able to do this. And that, if they’ve made the right decision there weren’t obstacles, or times that they wondered if they did the right thing or that their experience wasn’t a mixed bag (of easy wonderful things and tricky challenges or emotions). None of this is true in Kristine’s case. She’s felt all of the above and yet she absolutely did the right thing for her. She listened to the calling of your soul and she said ‘Yes’! She said ‘Yes, I will find a way to follow my heart’ and ‘Yes, I will commit to life being fun’!

It reminds me of what the well known inspirational woman, Sera Beak who spoke at The Emerging Women’s Conference said, ‘the Soul path isn’t about getting what you what, it’s about giving who you are without the need for return….’


Sera Beak

In this extraordinary talk (which you can listen to here http://live.soundstrue.com/emergingwomen/event.php, just enter your email) Sera tells her story of how several years ago, she had written a popular spiritual book called The Red Book, was about to make a movie and seen as the next spiritual (and sexy) teacher for women of the feminine energy. Her career was seriously going places but several people jolted her to acknowledge that in some way she was selling out, selling out the feminine energy, becoming a media puppet and compromising her soul. Ouch! She retreated from the world for a few years, split from her boyfriend, in emotional pain, feeling like she’d lost her career and identity. A familiar journey for many of us, that dark night of the soul, the losing of everything that gave you a sense of your self worth and the journey back to re-find yourself and never again ignore the callings of your own voice, the invitation to find what’s truly fun for you. Like a marriage, you’ve made that commitment to yourself, you know what I mean?

I love what she said, that following your soul doesn’t guarantee anything, but it does make for a holy and wonderful life (although following mine definitely brought me my health back, love and much more besides, so that was the icing on the cake). And it certainly makes for an adventure.

So, are you committed to living from your soul? Are you ready for your next adventure? An adventure, by the way, can be travelling to a new country or simply being brave enough to go on a date!

Fun, for me, is the expression of soul energy, it is living from that place and it is giving who you are to the world, as Sera said. We associate giving who we are, with actual giving; starting a charity, helping a friend (and it may involve that kind of giving too) but giving your soul is just about living in alignment with you and following what’s fun for you too. Fun can also help you to find out who you are and connect with your soul, I think-some times it’s about trial and error, the creative process and having an experimental approach to life.

If you need a little guidance and inspiration, I’ve made this Breakthrough audio programme that will connect you with your own unique soul energy and help you to practically work out what’s next for you. It’s fun, spiritual, has lots of tools and as one of my clients said, it’s like having me on tap, doing a session with you at home in your own time!



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