A small crisis



In the last few days, one or two folk have asked me the question, ‘So what other fun stuff have you been doing?’


And you’d be right to ask because I’ve been a litle bit quiet in this blog of late. In truth, I was having a little break, to rethink, eat some Cornish ice cream (in Cornwall, otherwise it just sounds like I’m overly fussy about the type of ice cream I’ll ingest) and make myself a Squirrel costume (that’s absolutely true and coming up in the next blog). I was trying too hard. I confess it. I’d crumbled slightly under my own pressure and no one else’s (why are we are own worst enemies?). The military dictator part of my brain had taken over and started a coup with the main objective being that Thea must have made more of her life by her mid thirties, how was she ever going to get a mortgage (as if that were her main goal in life) and lead a “normal” life.



I have learnt two things from my daliance with this side of my personality and to be fair, it’s the bit that I suspect has something to do with all those messages you get from society at large: get a proper job, buy a house, get a pension, iron stuff and tidy your room. Do not, whatever you do, drink milk straight out of the carton, wear your fancy dress clothes to work, jump on the sofa in your shoes or make a squirrel costume….and think about how nice it would be to have an actual tail like a squirrel all of the time. NO! That is not normal. Do not at any cost enjoy yourself too much. You can enjoy yourself a little bit. But only at allotted times ie after 5.30pm on a week day or at the weekend but only if you’ve done your chores, fed the dog (even if you don’t have one), have enough money in your bank account, answered your emails, cleaned out the fridge and don’t whatever you do get too happy or excited. Or our national work force will crumble.


Oh, yes, the two things I’ve learnt.


a) That’s bollocks. Sorry for the swearing but sometimes it’s necessary (and fun!).


b) Why? Because I like many many many other people apparently do not work like that. If I try too hard and stop doing things my way, all my creativity dries up and I get very grumpy, tired, frowny, even less tidy and as they say in the midlands where I grew up, damn right mardy.


Creativity, happiness, play…..all the good, sparkly, exciting, chocolate tasting things need space to breath. All those things that lead to a fulfilling life and perhaps even work you really want to do. So there, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


So, to answer the question of the few folks who’ve asked-despite having not written for a while and during my mini being-too-serious break down (that’s the medical term) I did not forsake my fun mission. Here are the fun activities that I had a good go at:


Roller Derby (the blog below)

Being part of a giant Conga on the pier (huge conga the length of the pier-see photo)

Many types of Dance:

Street dance (love it but the moves are too fast for me to look any kind of cool yet)

Samba & Zumba (latin bouncey rythmic if you like that kinda thing, I really do)

Bollywood dance (fun)

Nia (martial arts and dance mix, the movement itself seems to make you feel inexplitely happy)

Karaoke (with people who can actually sing, damn them. Loved it though)

Walked 15 miles (fun in a nice views, feet aching way)

And….finally…..I went on a boat. I know, a boat in Cornwall no less.

Oh and performed comedy dressed as a squirrel.

There’s more I’m sure but will that satisy you for now? I have not forgotten the mission. I will endevour to follow the fun and report back. And perhaps there will be some more unusual things to come, oh yes, I have ideas but I’m also happy to hear yours too.

Next time…..what is fun?


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