A Funny Thing Happened

Rewind my life by almost 5 years and you’ll find me running around Brighton trying to get everything sorted out for my new rented flat. I’m moving in with a friend whose just been through a break up and we’re in a whirlwind as I go to a cash point to draw out my half of the holding fee (to secure the flat). Later, that evening as I lay out my clothes for the next day, I reach in to my bag for the £100 I drew out for the estate agent tomorrow. It’s not there. I hunt, start sweating and panicking slightly. It’s still not there. I mentally re-trace my steps. Where can it be? I come to the sinking realisation that I indeed left it in the cash machine. Damn!

The next morning I race to the bank, I ask about it, I fill in forms-I know that there’s a chance that the cash machine sucked back in my small wad of notes. But it’s all in vain, they tell me there’s no trace of it. They say, if it comes to light, my bank will write to me. Time to let it go, I manage to borrow the £100 I need and I assume that a passerby took the cash. Maybe I made someone’s day.

Two months ago, in the context of a conversation that started with, ‘what’s one of the stupidest things you’ve ever done?’, I mentioned it. ‘I once left £100 in a cash machine’, I say, ‘what a fool!’

Skip forward to the present, almost 5 years from lost cash day. A letter arrives. ‘Dear Ms Anderson, We would like to inform you that a refund is due on your account…on October 6th 2009, the full amount of £100 was debited from your account but not collected…This credit reflects the refund and also includes an interest payment to reflect compensation had the funds been in a savings account from the time the transaction occurred…’ This amounts in total to £112.62 (minus tax on the interest).

Occasionally life presents you with something that’s left field, out of the blue and quite funny. Also, how nice to be gifted £100, well £112.62 to be precise from your past self. ‘But 5 years?!! 5 Years?!!,’ I exclaim to my husband giggling. ‘Why on Earth did it take this long?’

I have yet to solve this mystery but in the meantime, it’s made me reflect on how much my life has changed in that time, who I was back then, the things that have changed and grown and the things that haven’t.

So, I seem to be having a flurry of life reviews both for myself, for friends and clients.




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