A fish Pedicure and new workshop

First, the Newsflash:


The Fun Experiment workshop

10-1, March 26th in Brighton.

Price: £20


Not having enough fun? Fun for the out of practise and possibly slightly scared.

To help you remember or find out what you love to do for fun.

There will be little exercises and games for those that need a gentle re-introduction to the part of them that’s still a kid.



The exercises (taken from my work as a coach) will simply require you to think and talk about what you love-to help you remember and find new inspiration. The games will get you being a little bit silly, running around a bit (but nothing too strenuous). The aim is fun and inspiration.



To book and for any questions

please email: info@theaanderson.com

or call: 07930 822485




Now, my Fun this week:


A Fish Pedicure


That’s right, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Fish giving you a pedicure. That immediately makes me think of a beauty school for aquatic creatures, they would definitely have to be trained in the art of waterproof make up.


I’d heard of this treatment before my first fish foot experience. I’d seen the adverts in the local press and noticed a review or two. But to be honest, I just thought that it sounded a bit odd. Why would you do it?


I love fish. They’re nice to look at , sometimes to eat (sorry Vegetarians) and I’m even in a comedy group named after them (www.TheFishies.com)-subtle plug there. But having them nibble at my soles was not in my Soul (sorry couldn’t resist the fish pun). But then along came my friend with a voucher for Asase Spa in Brighton (www.asasespa.co.uk) and buoyed by her enthusiasm and the fact that I’m committed to weekly new experiences of fun (I know, what a chore) I took my toes along for Fish therapy.


Inside the clean, elegant spa there were rows of….what do you call them? Not fish bowls or tanks….let’s call them tiny square fish pools (obviously the technical term) made of clean glass with nothing in but lots of tiny Garra Rufa fishies swimming about waiting for their next foot skin dinner. There were relaxed and smiling faces from the other fish guests already getting treatment so I let myself have a preparative foot wash and got ready to let my little aquatic beauty team get busy.


Garra Rufa fish are found in the hot spring pools of Turkey and have apparently been dedicating their nibbling services to the treatment of the skin of us humans (with ailments such as psoriasis and eczema) and helping the prevention and healing foot issues such as of cracked heels, calluses, corns, athlete’s foot for a decade.


As my friend and I lowered our feet into the expectant tiny fish army, she let out a small squeal, which amused me-this was already getting more fun. What a terrible friend I am. My friend C was finding the idea and sensation of them all enthusiastically swimming over for a nibble a little strange to begin with but then we both got used to it and relaxed. They were quite cute really and seemingly endlessly hungry for that dead foot skin. They made quite a relaxing ticklish feeling on my feet. And I noticed that if I spread my toes they’d swim in between to have a nibble there. With a cup of tea in hand, the nibbling continued and I started to enjoy myself and wondered if this counted as fun.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to label this as fun. I find things that are new, novel and interesting give me that fun feeling. I will explore the many sorts of fun as we go. But for now, I’ll put this in relaxing, enjoyable, something-you-never-thought-you’d-do, interesting fun with a side benefit of clean, shiny, smooth feeling feet. These fish are supposed to ‘stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue.’ And I reckon they do. I felt good afterwards and tempted to go back.


And I can imagine that if you had some more tricky foot skin conditions going on those little fishy helpers would endlessly and tirelessly assist you, they don’t judge, they just munch.

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