5 Questions To Create the Leap in Life That you Desire

You know when you’re ready to take a leap. You know when it’s time to start that business, ask that person out on a date or move house-or country!

jump1Something has been niggling for a long time in the form of dissatisfaction or worse even, a crisis. Or perhaps, you just feel like there should be more, that it’s time to take a step! Let’s get out of this rut and take a leap.

So, here are my 5 simple questions to get you going:

1) What do you want?

Be clear. Really admit to yourself what you would love. If you can be specific, be specific (if you don’t have all the details yet, don’t worry-just go with what you know so far)-write it out, draw a picture, cut an image out of your favourite magazine, tell your friend or sing a song about it. Imagine it, feel it, see it. Be bold and unafraid to be honest (save the fears, the objections and the obstacles for later-we’ll come to those). Doesn’t it feel fantastic?! Breath it in.

2) What are you scared about?

‘I don’t know if I’m excited or terrified. Sometimes it seems to me that the difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.’ Evelyn The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t scared. We all are, we just pretend otherwise. Fears, negative self beliefs and obstacles (real or imagined) normally go hand in hand. So, get them out. Journal them in a massive, random stream of consciousness if you like. Or write down 10 times: “I’m scared because………(fill in the blank)”. Draw your fears, dance your fears but whatever you do, get them out! You’ll feel better.

It doesn’t mean that they’re real though, if you dump them out, they’ll be less in your way. It’s the lurking that they do in the back of your mind that makes them seem bigger and scarier then they are.

3) What are the real obstacles?

Take a look at all those fears you wrote down, drew or even sung. Acknowledge, that these are just FEARS. These are projections of your mind into the future, images and thoughts you’re creating in order to protect yourself, to make yourself stay small and safe and keep everything known. Your mind isn’t interested in the land of the unknown-it believes that this is where the scary monsters live. You know better.

It’s time to sift out the real obstacles or at least the things that FEEL REAL (they may not be) but we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt before we figure out how to overcome them.

List out, my 5 Biggest Obstacles are:

They’re normally things like not having enough time, money, confidence or support….get specific if you can, this will help them feel like less vague amorphous blobs of worry and will really help you in a moment. For example, ‘I don’t have enough time’, may actually be: ‘I worry that I don’t have time to begin this new business with my full time job and looking after the children.’

Now, I want solutions! I want you to go down each of the obstacles and imagine that there is a something you can do. You’ll discover that some of these obstacles aren’t real (they are fears popping into your list), some are beliefs about life and yourself (we’re coming to those) and some are actually real (or at least masquerading as real). The real ones needs a bit of consideration. What can you do to change things to help you overcome that obstacle? Who can you ask for support from? What practical thing can you change? What would help? What’s the first tiny step you can take?

And if you don’t have the solution or answer right away, that’s ok-it’s surprising what might pop into your brain next week when you’re folding the laundry or who might tell you some news out of the blue. Keep the door open, don’t write it off. There’s always a way!

Is this the time for your dream? And if not, when? It might be that you’re stalling or it really might be that you have to hold fire and work on your 5 year plan.

4) What are your beliefs?

What’s the biggest thing that gets in the way? YOU!! We are normally the biggest obstacle to our dreams. Over the course of life, we’ve picked up these beliefs about ourselves-what we’re capable of, who will assist us or not and whether life will help or hinder.

Answer this:

What do you believe about yourself that’s getting in your way?

What do you believe about life that’s holding things up?

What would it be better to believe about yourself?

What would it be better to believe about life?

I know it might make you cringe but pick at least 3 new positive beliefs and say them to yourself, lots! Make it a morning mantra or just when you’re walking to work or loading the dishwasher.

Here’s one to kick you off: ‘I create my dreams with ease and abundance.’ But you can get more specific if you like, tailor it to your personality, add humour or music.

5) How can I make a plan (and rock the world)?

So, you have the dream in sight (remember your original vision)-if it’s changed adjust it. Things always evolve.

You’ve acknowledged and cleared out your fears, affirmed yourself with some awesome beliefs and come up with a few solutions to the obstacles.

What are the first 3 steps you can take this week or this month?

It’s the small steps that create the giant leaps. You only have to inch forward (and keep inching forward) and suddenly you’ll have come a mile.

So many folks get put off because they see a vast mountain to climb, they figure if they can’t damn well climb the thing in an afternoon, well, there’s just no point. All or nothing is the way. So NOTHING happens!

At the end of every 3 steps, set your next 3. Tick them off as you go, feel proud of yourself and keep your vision on the horizon. You’re capable of more then you imagined, it just takes some courage and being a normal human being (which you are, so you’ve got everything you need).

Watch Out World, You’re Coming!!

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