5 Favourite Fun things of the week

5 Favourite Fun things of the week

1) Zumba (latin inspired dance aerobic exercise ) class

It’s bouncy, funky, good for you & fun. My teacher ‘whoops’ a lot and appears to have the energy of a whole herd of Zumba teachers. You can’t knock that kind of enthusiasm even if my body only has the energy and produces the moves of a baby Zumba.


2) Bridesmaids (the movie).

I haven’t laughed that much in the cinema for a long time. I’m so inspired to see an all female comedy with amazing acting and writing. And it’s got real life like silliness in too. It’s ok to put chocolate cake on the front of your teeth and pretend you’re a Hick-I have been justified.

3)Trying on Dresses

It’s the season of other people’s nuptials. I need a posh dress, apparently I can’t show up at my brother’s wedding in my squirrel costume. The mother and I must have tried on 300, ok that’s an exaggeration-maybe 20. I’m not much of a shopper so that’s a lot for me. We found pretty ones and twirled, it was fun.

I’m not allowed to wear this (maybe to my own wedding though?!)


4) Strange Creatures

The weird, wonderful and funny daily creatures of A.P Potting JR.

A.P Potting Jr

5) The good looking Dentist

My friend felt scared of going to the dentist so I took myself and my moral support along. Between x-rays we laughed in a highly inappropriate way about her very good looking, Latin accented dishy (how often do you get to use that word?!)dentist. I was suspicious about whether there’s anything at all wrong with the teeth of half the women and gay men in the waiting room.

Can I sneak in one more?


    6) I made a really good sandwich  

    I ate it on the beach, the sun shone and I was proud of myself. Possible the best achievement of the week (Homer Simpson would agree).


What are your top 5 fun things of the week?

If you don’t have 5, then I recommend sorting out 5 for next week. Or there will be trouble 🙂









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