Are you a Creative Wonder Woman?

Is this you?

You have creative goals (this could be anything from writing a novel to starting a business, to just wanting to have a more creative approach to you life).

The creative goals you have really matter to you.

You have a sense of urgency about life, there’s lots you want to get on with.

You have a strong sense of mission or purpose (even if you don’t quite know what you’re supposed to be doing).

You feel that if you don’t get to achieve your purpose, you’ll feel dissatisfied.

Despite your sense of purpose, sometimes you’ve felt lost about what you’re here to do.

Relationships (&/or family) haven’t always been easy, you’ve been learning a lot.

Sometimes you feel drained by other people.

You sometimes feel alone or lonely-that there’s not enough support.

You sometimes felt very different from others (& that your desires for your life are different too).

You identify with being sensitive & empathic.

You feel things deeply (although maybe you’ve numbed those feelings at times).

You have strong intuition (when you’re listening to it).

There’s been pain in the past, struggles have taught you a great deal.

Too much routine, feeling trapped or demand dulls your spirit.

You have a strong sense of adventure & curiosity about life.

Finding your partner wasn’t (or isn’t) easy for you-you need a deep connection.

You love to laugh, play & feel free when you get the chance.

You try hard at things (although your perfectionist side might think that you don’t do well enough).

You still feel a bit invisible at times & think it’s probably time for you to step out there more.


If you said YES to lots of these statements, then you’re a Creative Wonder Woman.

Who You Are

Let me be so bold as to tell you more about you. I hope you don’t mind!


Over the last 10 plus years of coaching, it’s taken me a while but I finally realised that all of the amazing women I’ve been lucky enough to coach have 2 big things in common:


1) You are CREATIVE (& this really matters to you about you).

You want to live creatively, do creative work &/or offer creative solutions to the world’s challenges.

If you’re not able to do what matters to you about that—whether it’s write a travel blog, start a cake company, begin a charity or heal your fellow humans, you know you won’t feel good…

Not feeling good might show up as depression, boredom, lostness, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, illness or an actual full blown major crisis (mine was a combination of all of the above & especially the last two).

A dull, routine filled, stuck in a box, hum drum life is NOT for you.

Other people seem to be able to do what they ‘should’ do more easily then you. Sometimes you wish you could just be like them.

At times you’ve tried putting those dreams aside. You really have.

But something always spurs you on. There’s a side of you that, despite it all, is DETERMINED. I like to call this your WONDER side.



2) You are WONDER-ful, a WONDER woman, a warrior-ess.

This is the side of you that is inspiring (even if you don’t think so right now) & has your own brand of personal magic.

There’s a fire in your belly that won’t go out. What comes with that is a whole lot of courage.

You might not always see all of this but if you look back at your life, you can see it—those moments when you’ve bravely made big changes, faced pain, stood up for yourself & despite the odds pursued your dreams.

You’ve survived because of this strength & believe me, you’ve been challenged.

Now you want to thrive. You feel desperate to use your (maybe hidden or not yet fully developed) talents to create work, art, a lifestyle or conscious relationships….CREATE in a way that you know deep down you’re capable of.

It’s urgent. It feels like time is running out and you need to do what you came here to do or feel capable of or you need to do it because…because you just do!

You notice that not everyone has this same sense…

You’re always felt different, sometimes alone & that you can’t entirely manage the status quo.

Maybe you were the ‘sensitive child’, the ‘spiritual one’, the ‘arty one’, the overly or underly confident one, the outsider in a foreign land, the subtly neglected or emotionally abused one or the one that suffered loss…there’s a story of some pain there, some heart ache.

The story has created who you are (or maybe you were born like this too) and now you’re ready.

You’re ready to not let those things hold you back any longer, to continue powerfully healing & take real practical world action to make things happen.

The world need you.




I believe in you….

I’m such a believer in the power of Creative Wonder Women. We need wonderful men too but I understand the very specific set of challenges we have faced. Challenges that have been passed down the generations such as the Mother Wound (there’s a father wound too), a history of being unheard, of the creative, the spiritual, the collaborative—the many blessings of the feminine being ignored & abused.

Imagine what you could create if you had more clarity, more support & you knew that it really does matter.

What could you create if you knew that you weren’t actually the ‘weird one’ who is making life more difficult for herself but here to bring joy, change lives, be a catalyst and figure yourself out in the process. And in figuring yourself out, be able to give more & better nourish yourself too.

It’s ok that not everyone will understand or agree with what you’re doing. I know that can feel scary.

But you know you need to step away from somethings & sometimes some people to make space to create what matters.

Can you truly see what that might look like?

I’m right there with you—your story is mine. It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to support you along the road because it’s that that matters to me too.