You’re probably highly sensitive …maybe without realising-you always felt a little different. You think about things deeply & feel a lot (maybe you assumed everyone was like that).


Things really seem to affect you (good & bad) -maybe you used to block those feelings, numb them out but now you can’t ignore them.

You have strong intuition, when you listen to it-which you know you should do more.

It hasn’t always felt easy to be you, to do your ‘thing’ in the world (if you know what your ‘thing’ is yet-maybe you’re still looking).

You love to be creative when you get the chance, in your own unique way.


You feel connected to the spiritual world-you know there’s something bigger. You’ve had experiences that you don’t talk to everyone about.

Making a difference in this world (whether it’s people, animals or the planet) in a big or small way matters to you. What’s the purpose of your life otherwise?!

You also care about getting your real talents and gifts out there. Too much humdrum dulls your spirit.

You love to play or would love to play more. You know it really matters and when you do let yourself do it, it fills you with joy (or you think it could). You love to laugh whenever you can & definitely have your own unique sense of humour.

You adore adventure, travel,  the new & novel-you love to be curious & interested about the world.

Finding the love of your life didn’t feel straight forward (or still doesn’t if you’re still looking)-you want a deep, fulfilling relationship with real connection-settling was never going to work for you.


You try hard! If anyone does, it’s you! Although sometimes you think you’re just being ‘lazy’ or sabotaging yourself.

People haven’t always realised how hard you are trying. In fact being truly ‘seen’ & understood has felt difficult sometimes too-you would love to be accepted (& accept yourself) for who you really are.

It’s not always been easy to love yourself especially when times have been tough (which they probably have sometimes with your health, stress levels, work or relationships)-you might not have had the easiest start in life in your family either (& you’re realising although they did their best that it was quite challenging in some ways).

Because of that, life hasn’t always felt totally stable-sometimes you’ve felt alone, misunderstood or used…it’s definitely been a journey of standing up for yourself.


People deeply affect you with their energy, their needs-you either feel you have to push them away to survive or they come in too close. Sometimes you feel their judgements. In can be exhausted. But when it works, they light you up-you can give and receive so much love.

And you HAVE done some brave, amazing things in your life despite the odds—you HAVE achieved some of what you’ve wanted (which you forget to celebrate) but you also know you have SO much more to give & do.
If some of this is you…


because so much of this is or has been me. It’s also been the case for countless wonderful clients of mine over very many years.


the gifts and talents that you’re hiding or that you don’t quite know what to do with.

The tremendous heart that you have to love, to give to the world….it’s just about learning how to give some of that to yourself & how to give of yourself in a way that doesn’t hurt or limit you.

I see your struggle to do that because there’s no straight forward path it feels. What suits others doesn’t suit you. You need things-not to work full time or great support or fresh air everyday or to express YOUR joy…it feels too much to ask but if you ignore these needs, you don’t feel good (you don’t feel your best self).


I see the person you already are and how with a little help and encouragement (maybe a few tools, a little love, patience & practical planning) you could create the lifestyle, the work, the relationship (whatever your heart desires) that you would love. You could and can fly! You already have been, you just haven’t always seen it.

IF THIS IS YOU (or some of it), book a free chat with me about a little coaching, drop me a line with your thoughts or questions & also come and join other sensitive, empathic, creative amazing women in my Facebook group (coming soon).