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What people don’t tell you about magic & struggle (my tale).
Do you believe in magic? This is my tale & what people don’t tell you about magic & struggle. Have
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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions To Find Your Purpose
“You have a purpose. You were born for a reason… Your life purpose defines you. It helps you know who
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Why Can’t I Settle? The 3 Reasons why you can’t.
Time & time again, I have coaching clients (& a few friends) say to me, “Other people just seem to
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Are you a relationship merger?
The 5 signs of a Relationship Merger 1)   You’re sensitive and can feel other people’s emotions or an atmosphere in 
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Dealing With a Difficult Mum
My Article on Dealing with a Difficult Mum can be found here.
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Playing your Long Game. It’s not too late for you.
How do you keep going when your goal is taking a long time to come? How do you keep positive
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Why Obstacles Don’t Mean You’re Going in The Wrong Direction (they often mean the opposite).
How often have I heard this? The Universe is telling me my is wrong because it’s not going exactly to
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My story in Soul and Spirit magazine
I’m excited today because tomorrow (August the 15th) my story (of recovery from illness through developing my intuitive abilities) is
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Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Person?
I first read Elaine N. Aron’s book The Highly Sensitive Person 10 years ago. I remember it struck a cord
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Feel what you feel
A couple of weeks ago, I experienced some of the most intense physical pain I’ve ever had. I’d just about
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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions To Find Your Purpose

Why Can’t I Settle? The 3 Reasons Why You Can’t.

Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Person? 

Feel what you feel.

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Why Obstacles don’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction

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