Rachel Cook, SEO/Founder of Playseeds

"It's hard to overstate how much Thea has helped me move forward with my startup and in my personal life. The work that she is doing is cutting edge...

I can't recommend her highly enough.  If you're interested in help as you move through the blocks that are keeping you from your best life, start working with Thea today."


Kim, North Yorkshire. UK (Full)

"Thea is so much more than a coach! ...her positivity is infectious and in just talking to her she has a way of brightening the day. I hope everyone can share the impact of discovering Thea! I’m one of those clients, fed up with the daily grind and determined to find work that resonates with her soul but have absolutely NO idea what that might be!  Thea would reach into crevices that were long forgotten to release those hidden blockers and at the same time find seeds to germinate and grow. I rediscovered my creativity, which I thought I’d lost since childhood, the answers were given to me but not as my logical brain expects!"

Stacyann, California, USA (Full)

Before working with Thea I felt overwhelmed by all the different aspects of my life that were needing my attention. I was also struggling with how best to take action. Working with Thea, I was able to gain clarity around the kinds of daily practices I needed to bring more fully into my life. These practices helped me to shift limiting beliefs and also to look at my situation with more optimism. Her guidance is thoughtful, compassionate, and practical. I wholeheartedly recommend Thea's services for those looking to take back their power and engage more intentionally in life!

Nicola Comber BBC/CH4 Documentary Director, London. (Full)

"Thea has been an amazing help and support to me. I always come...from a session with her feeling incredibly uplifted and alive. Working with her has been invaluable for me during a time of transition in my career and really helped me to get through it with a positive mindset and aware of the opportunities that were presenting themselves. Her warm and empathetic approach really suited me in the way that it gives you the space and confidence you need to reflect on life and start to see solutions or ideas you didn't realise you already had about your own life situation. I would thoroughly recommend her as a life coach. "

Ros. Writer and Lawyer, London.

"Thea approach to coaching is accessible, grounded and insightful. By the end of the session I felt positive and left with practical and most importantly realistic ways to make small changes in my life to help me achieve my desired goal."

Ali H. Illustrator, Brighton

"I feel so grateful that I have found Thea: she is capable of creating a wonderful open-hearted and held space to help guide others and work on a level that goes so much deeper than most talk-therapies. She expertly brings a playfulness and fun to the sessions...I also can't get over how intuitive she is!"

Jane B. Shefield

"I love this woman!  Going the extra mile, she gives from an open heart which is true, generous, loving & kind. Everyone should have a Thea in their life!  She is understanding, very gentle, wise, intuitive & spiritually aware, easy to talk to & also really good fun! She has always affirmed & validated me no matter how vulnerable I have been. She is a rare jewel & I am so happy to have found her."

C Hellier

“Thea has created her own unique framework for personal development, that is so refreshing. She uses a powerful mix of deep wisdom and light-hearted fun. Thea’s intuition is exceptional, her solutions are always creative, a true pioneer in her field!

Sarah Best Health & Wellbeing Coach

"Talking through a problem or challenge with Thea always leaves me feeling so much lighter, not to mention more positive and empowered. With her deep intuition, wisdom and empathy, and high integrity, I can’t recommend her highly enough as a coach."

C.Salter, Sussex

'I was fortunate to have a session with Thea which was hugely motivating & enabled me to overcome my self sabotage & actually get the IVF I'd been procrastinating about. 1.5 years later and I'm sitting cuddling my 6 week old twins, utterly overjoyed. Thea's session was invaluable in helping me move towards my goal’

Kate, Brighton.

"It was immensely helpful working with Thea to look at my priorities and recognise the blocks to achieving my goals. I now have a clear plan of what I want to achieve and steps in place to move forward and stop procrastinating!”

Susy Parker

"Wow! I needed this read [Why Can’t I Settle? blog] today! Sitting here drinking my morning
coffee and crying lots of tears. This was a beautiful read and something I needed so much.
Thank you for writing it, thank you for sharing it. You’ve just possibly put my entire life into
perspective. I answered yes to all ten of the highly sensitive people test! Wow! Just wow!
Thank you…Byron Bay here we come!"

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Helen, Brighton, UK

"Thea is great, really positive and has the skills to help you to move forward in your life. I was feeling really stuck and hemmed in and didn’t know where to start. I'd say, go for it!"

Working with Thea has helped me to start the process of opening up my life- it has given me a chink of light and it has been so great to have a supportive ear to listen to me aswell and to help me put my life into context. I have gained perspective, context, positivity and a plan to help me move forward.

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Zara P

'When I first approached Thea, I was working through some difficulties with my health that were residual aspects of a long-term illness I'd had for around 20 years.  I think a major part that Thea has had to play has been in helping me find my way back to myself.  I went from feeling inexplicably anxious, low and exhausted to feeling more grounded, self-confident and sensual over time.  Thea had an uncanny ability to reflect back to me significant moments I wanted to share with extraordinary insight, helping me to learn and grow from day to day events in ways that have given me considerable power.  I haven't taken a U turn as such, I knew what I wanted and was already working towards it when I met Thea;  however, what I want feels possible in a way that it hadn't and there's an expectancy for the things I love to work out now.  Working with Thea has enhanced how I perform as a dancer, my singer song-writing, the way I relate to men, my family and friends and my self confidence and sense of calm within my main profession.  Thank you!’

Jane Venet

"Thea is amazing! I felt that she got the whole of me, right at the start. She understood my health issues (I am recovering from M.E.) as well as my fears and foibles.
Not only did we agree and work through a programme for the 5 weeks, but also Thea was very sensitive to what I brought with me on the day and responded to that as well.
Thea helped me through a difficult time by encouraging me to listen to my body and tune in to what I needed. I learnt a number of techniques to do this which I continue to use regularly in order to get the best out of my energy and my life. The sessions were not only valuable but fun!"

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S. Radnor

“The quality of playfulness is something that I missed when I returned to the maxed-out, earnest UK, after time abroad.  Thea helped me to reinstate playfulness in my life. I already knew how to play in a healthy and life-enhancing way – and Thea was brilliant at supporting this.  More important, though, she helped me realise we don’t  need to justify or explain a commitment to making things playful and light, where that feels appropriate. Thea was so adept at helping me to care less about what other people thought of me.  This represented a great leap forward in my recovery from illness and the burden of taking life too seriously. Thea is not somebody who just stands on the sidelines and shouts encouragement at you.  She really embodies the principle of approaching life in a more creative and fun way. It was important for me to see Thea actually doing this.  It is possible to be an individual and not follow the herd, however insecure that may sometimes feel.  The benefits are well worth it.”

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"I worked with Thea for a period of months towards the end of my recovery from ME, and found her incredibly helpful in every session we had.  She is a great listener, and her warmth, caring and intuition were invaluable in supporting me through some very tough days.  Both personally and professionally, Thea is brilliant and probably the most valuable of the many coaches I have had over the past 3 years.”

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David Bradshaw

“Through the questionnaires and subsequent ‘fun report’ Thea managed to get to the heart of what’s going on for me through a different format that was as the title suggests ‘fun’ but still very professional. Thea managed to bring into my consciousness things that I was aware of at some level but couldn’t quite grasp or verbalise and what I got in print and pictures (the fun report) was my subconscious reflected back to me. In the follow up session Thea brought her highly intuitive skills, fun personality and skill to help me work out what I wanted to do with that and identify my ‘next steps’. I find Thea very approachable, fun and flexible in how she works, adapting to what I need in terms of sessions, but at the same time highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Thea.”