4 or 6 Week Personal Life Coaching Package for New Clients (Introductory Deal)

This Life Coaching Package is less than £50/$70  per session (normal price £70/$90).

If you’d like to try Life Coaching for the first time or are new to working with me, this reduced rate package is for you. I’ve designed 4 steps (taken over 4 or 6 weeks) to inspire & support you to Burst Out & have the breakthrough in your life that you’re looking for (& we can work with those steps below or ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you like!!).

The Burst Out Program is £199/$279 for 4 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions or £299/$419 for 6 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions . 

Just drop me a line with any questions or to book

Here’s More About The Burst Out Program:

Over & over again—I keep talking to women with the same issue.

Talented, intelligent, creative & capable women.

Like you….

With passion—something more to give (& do) in the world.

Feeling stuck. Lacking in confidence (through no fault of your own).

Life hasn’t always been easy.

And sometimes you need to find your way back to your full potential (or find it for the first time).

There’s ALWAYS hope for you….


Do you relate to any of these?

  • Life feels ok (there’s lots to be grateful for) but you know it could feel better.
  • Using your talents feels like a long time ago or you feel like they never got a chance.
  • You know you’ve lost your way a bit, you used to feel more certain about life & confident too.
  • Other (understandably important things, to be fair) have taken priority for ages now—children or health or looking after someone or that job that just pays the rent.
  • You feel like you’re going round in circles in your head. Or distracting yourself with nonsense (even good nonsense, like Homeland & some wine).
  • Feeling stuck is distracting you from being the best Mum…Partner…Friend…Daughter…Employee…Business Owner…Woman you could be.
  • You feel like time is running out. How did you get to be this age so quickly?!
  • You feel like there’s isn’t enough time to change anything or money or most likely, both!
  • You’ve burdened your loved ones—they’ve heard it all before.
  • And they don’t quite understand what you need. It’s hard for you to understand yourself some days.

It’s exhausting, frustrating and you’re ready to do something about it. Well, you can’t just keep going on like this.

“Thea has been an amazing help and support to me. I always come…from a session with her feeling incredibly uplifted and alive. Working with her has been invaluable for me during a time of transition in my career and really helped me to get through it with a positive mindset and aware of the opportunities that were presenting themselves. Her warm and empathetic approach really suited me in the way that it gives you the space and confidence you need to reflect on life and start to see solutions or ideas you didn’t realise you already had about your own life situation. I would thoroughly recommend her as a life coach. ” 
Nicola Comber BBC/CH 4 Documentary Director, London.  

It’s time to BURST OUT and break through.

Imagine if in just 4 weeks….one little month you could feel confident again, like the you you once knew is coming back?

Maybe even coming back in a way she was never here in the first place!

I designed the BURST OUT for busy women who want to make change fast and don’t feel like that they can make a big investment in time or money…..but know they need to invest in themselves.

Imagine if you felt like you could feel good, even GREAT about yourself. Great enough to apply for that promotion, do that talk for your business, say ‘No to the overly needy friend and feel like things are possible again.

Doors will open. Seriously. I’ve seen it a million times.

There’s an opportunity already starring you in the face that you’re not seeing or one that wouldn’t be so hard to create if you just felt clearer about things. A bit more YOU.

Imagine if all this means you’re making more money, feel more present and less distracted at home, happier about what you’re doing with your life. You know that you’re on the right tracks….with a plan. A step by step do-able, small steps plan.

What an exiting prospect.

I’ve been there. And I’ve guided so many clients through this. It happens to everyone at some point. We all get a little lost.

In case you don’t already know. My story was pretty extreme. I went to the bottom of the barrel. I was so sick for so many years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that as I recovered, I felt like I’d lost myself, my very identity.

I wasn’t the old me and I wasn’t the new me yet.

So, I had to find my way to feeling confident, competent and quite honestly, like I belonged to the normal human race again! It took me a while but I began to understand the steps. And then I practised them with a tonne of clients. So, I can shortcut them for you.













Because, I’ve learnt 3 things:

You’re being way harder on yourself then you need to be.
You have much more hope & skills than you can see right now.
More things are possible for your life then you have believed.


In one month, we will follow these 4 steps….
Week 1 Who are you….really

What are your gifts, abilities & qualities that have been hiding lately or that you might never have acknowledged?

What do you want to offer to the world with these (& make money doing)?

Week 2 THE PLAN!

What are your short & long term goals?

What do you dreams of happening? Let’s get you on that road taking step by step do-able action.

How can this fit into your current life in reality? We’ll work it all out together!

Week 3 Overcoming Obstacles

What gets in the way of you feeling confident and making plans happen?

Let’s deal with those obstacles whether these blocks are emotional or practical.

Whether it’s self esteem, your relationships, child care or motivation….we’ll find a way through that suits you!

Week 4 Burst Out!

Getting amazing YOU out in the world.

Integrating what you’ve learnt into your everyday life—that means are you are putting into practise everything you’ve learnt?

Are you taking the steps you need? What results are you getting? I’m here to help!

Building your future. What does your future look like now?


How I Work:

You’ll get life coaching tools, NLP techniques & exercises that I’ve created too that really work!

Whilst there is a set 4-6 week schedule, I’ll also be tailoring it to your needs.
We can talk about ANYTHING you like!
I’m known for being able to ‘tune in’ & be very intuitive with my clients plus I’m very spiritually open. So, if you like working like that, we can!

I also like to make everything as fun & creative as possible. So, we’ll be serious & get things done but have a giggle too.

You can always ask me questions—whatever your fears are, I promise they’re normal.

What You Get:

4 or 6 x 1 hour one to one Coaching calls with me (I get to give you my full attention)

Calls are via landline, Skype, FaceTime or Google hangout so you can relax at home. I’ll call you!

Homework—You’ll receive a work sheet after each session to help keep you on track during the week.

A Plan—We’ll map out your short term and long term goals so you can celebrate your progress.

Accountability to me as you go! (And we can make a couple of dates to check back in after the program too).

All this for ONLY £199/$279 for 4 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions or £299/$419 for 6 x 1 Hour Weekly Sessions .

Drop me a line to book or ask any questions here

Or book in for a FREE Discovery session to see if The Burst Out Program is right for you.


Q: Is it as effective to work via the phone or Skype as meeting in person?

A: Yes!! My clients are international and national so I’ve mainly been working this way for 10 years. I’ve found that it is definitely as, if not more, effective as we can totally focus on you whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.
Q: Is 4 or 6 weeks enough time to make a big change?

A: Absolutely! I’ve designed this program for busy women who want to give a huge boost to their life and really get things moving. So, I’ve squeezed in all the most helpful information plus support I can give— and remember, you’ll be accountable to me too!

If you’d like longer support too, then we can chat about my longer packages.

Q: I feel like I can’t afford it.

A: I have designed this Introductory program at a hugely discounted rate for new clients and packed it full! This is so I can give you the most support for the smallest price. If you’re really ready to make a change and get your life moving in a much bigger way, it’s a small one off investment but a big investment in you!

You can stretch your payments over 2 months, making it £102 per month (for the 4 week program) or £150 (for the 6 Week Program).

Q: Are you the right coach for me?

A: First of all, let’s have a FREE Bold Soul Discovery session (with no obligation) so we can find out! It really matters to me that we’re the right fit. You can book by clicking on this page or below.
Q: My spiritual world is really important to me, I hear you’re intuitive. How does this work?

A: I’m very open to whatever you personally experience around your spirituality and have experienced lots myself. I love to ‘tune in’ to you and your potential.

Q: I’m not at all spiritual.
A: That’s fine too. I want to work in a way that truly suits you.
My hope for you is that you gain the confidence and clarity you need to feel great, take those scary wonderful steps and create the life you desire……you’re wasted being hidden away both for yourself and the world!


Just GET IN TOUCH if you have any questions & to book. Or to arrange a Discovery Session click here.

A recent testimonial from the Burst Out Program:

“Thea is great, really positive and has the skills to help you to move forward in your life. I was feeling really stuck and hemmed in and didn’t know where to start. I’d say, go for it!…

Working with Thea has helped me to start the process of opening up my life- it has given me a chink of light and it has been so great to have a supportive ear to listen to me aswell and to help me put my life into context. I have gained perspective, context, positivity and a plan to help me move forward. “ Helen, Brighton, UK.