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4x Tuesdays in October (4th-25th) 7.30-9pm in Brighton. Lovely venue tbc


Create A Life That’s Authentically ‘You’ 1 Month course for heart led women

Do you feel like there’s an area where you’ve been playing a small game?

If only you had some clarity or confidence you’d be stepping up there right now—doing your thing, feeling happier & more fulfilled? You’d have more balance & be expressing your true gifts too—making your heart sing.

Do you feel like you’re doing the right job or work, in the right relationship & following your passions in a way that suits you? Is there something missing somewhere? Something that needs work?

Maybe you have a sense of calling or something you need to give, create or do to help others to fulfil your purpose (or just because you want to!) & it feels like time is moving so fast.

Does your life fit together in a way that truly suits you? Are you living YOUR authentic lifestyle?

Let’s make your beautiful one of a kind life work for you!…in 4 weeks. Well, I know you’re busy (& summer is coming) so I thought we’d better do some fast work in one month.

What we’ll be doing:

Week 1: The Big Picture. Who are you really (your soul energy/your hidden talents) & where would you love to be in 5 or 10 years (or next year!).

Week 2: Clearing Obstacles. What are the issues: emotional, mental or practical that are tripping you up or that you’re trying to ignore right now. It’s time to face the dragons & find out what you need to forge ahead.

Week 3: Let’s Get Practical. It’s time for a plan, with small steps (& big leaps) to turn all this into reality.

Week 4: Bringing it all together: Let’s make sure you’re on the right road to a life that’s authentically ‘you.’ What’s working & what issues are coming up? Sending you on your way feeling inspired & excited….


How we’ll be working:

This will be a small group of lovely ladies. I’ll be using a mix of visualisations, NLP techniques, drawing (no skill required) & other creative coaching tools encouraging you to connect & support each other.

The vibe will be kind, respectful, open, good humoured, supportive & lift you up.

Who am I?

Here’s my bio (it’s always funny to have things written about you in the third person but here goes…)

Thea Anderson has been an intuitive life coach for 10 years with a national & international client base. She took herself on a huge quest involving her mind, body & soul in a desperate attempt to recover from devastating illness at age 26, later diagnosed as CFS.

Her journey not only took her through a training into NLP, hypnotherapy & life coaching but also to develop & understand her intuitive & spiritual gifts. She also learnt how to find joy through comedy classes, play & creativity which lead her to teach & make craft as well as become a comedy performer.

Now fully well for many years & published in national magazines, having taught many joyful workshops, she has helped lots of folk to also create a life they love.

Drop me a line to register your interest. Thanks!


Find out more about me & my work: (on this site right here!)