How to Embrace Your Calling. January 31st 2018

The Healthy Hub (Brighton & Hove Therapies) Event details & tickets here.

For many of us, having a strong sense of purpose really matters. We feel lost without it. But do you really have a calling and how do you find it? How do you hone it and make it practical once you know what it is? Is it one thing or many? Like many others, Thea found hers through a crisis – in her case, recovery from devastating illness. Thea will tell her story and help you to more deeply connect with your mission (should you chose to accept it!) in this life.

Wildfire Women-The Bizapy Sessions.

New date coming soon (currently in session until Dec 2017).

Do Your Life’s Work.

It’s time to turn your ideas, dreams and affirmations into a reality you can see, feel and touch. Whether you want to earn more, work less, travel more, stress less – or all the above – we’ve got everything you need mapped out over 12 weeks. Find out more here.

Do or Die! How to Face Change.

Inspiring Talks, Brighton. April 19th 2018.

Q: Why do we put change off? A: Because we’re human & we get scared! Our comfort zone has the word ‘comfort’ in it for a reason! Change can feel like going from a comfy old sofa with ice cream, slippers & netflix to …well, the UNKNOWN (which is like jumping off a cliff at night in a storm with no parachute, we imagine).
Most of us finally give in to change when we’ve REALLY had enough or worse, some kind of crisis happens-whether that’s an illness, divorce, addiction or you walk out of your job in the middle of the day leaving a half eaten doughnut on your desk (or was that just me?).
Having hit numerous rock bottoms including a serious 6 year illness, family fractures, accidents & living out of a car, Thea is no stranger to change that comes from crisis. But from all of this she has learnt that crisis & difficulty can bring great gifts. And even more importantly, she’s learnt how to make change that comes from passion, joy & her spirit.


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Wildfire Women-The Bizapy Sessions 

Oct 2nd-Dec 4th 2017

Wildfire Women – Sep 2017

Wildfire Women Brunch October 28th 2017

Do or Die! How to Face Change.

 Watch the video of my talk at this event:

Wildfire Women September 9-10th 2017, Brighton.


I’m incredibly excited to announce this weekend event that I have created alongside the wonderful Creative Introvert’s Coach Cat Neligan.

Cat & I will be hosting a huge array of inspirational speakers as well as speaking ourselves. Find out more, buy tickets & register your interest here.

See how it went here & learn more about Wildfire Women.

Wildfire Women – Sep 2017

Action For Happiness, 5th September 2017. 7-9pm @The Latest Music Bar. More details here.

Talk & Workshop: Do You Long To Live a Lifestyle that’s Authentic & Joyful Enough To You?

Does your life truly suit who you are? Is it full of enough of the type of joy that you need to feel at your happiest? Are there elements of it that need some clarity or maybe it all needs a big shake up! How can you get fulfilment for your heart plus be practical at the same time? In this workshop, you’ll get to release obstacles & hear the wisest parts of you. So you can come away feeling inspired & with an exciting plan to take some new tiny steps or big bold leaps in creating a life that’s truly you!


Sunday Assembly Brighton, Sunday August 20th.

Talk: How I Reset My Life.




October 2016   4 Week Live Course in Brighton

Live & Love Your Authentic Lifestyle for Heart Led Women

Date & Venue tbc

More details here. Please drop me a line to register your interest.




October 22nd  2016 MBS Experience Alexandra Palace, London.

I’m so excited to be offering a workshop on How to Have Great Energetic Boundaries at the Mind Body Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace on Saturday October 22nd (Workshop Room 2 (25) Palm Court Suite 4. 2.15pm – 3.15pm). 

The Sun & Moon Festival. August 14th-21st 2016

3 Workshops on Bring Out Your Super Powers as A Highly Sensitive PersonFeel More Joy & How to Live an Authentic Life (+ 121 sessions) at The Sun & Moon Festival, East Sussex.

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July 28th 2016    Charity Event in Brighton for TWLOHA 

Watch the video.

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March 2016 Edinburgh

I recently gave the workshop ‘Nourish to Flourish’ (details below) at a beautiful detox retreat in Edinburgh run by Fran Stockley.