3x Sessions (6 weeks) of Personal Life Coaching

Is it time to life the lid off your life? The Lift Off Package is there to kick start your bold new direction. Let’s get you really clear about what you want, feeling confident and building that step by step plan.

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This is for you if:

You know you’re an intelligent, creative, fun, brave, caring person but …

  • You feel like you aren’t making the most of your life.
  • Sometimes you feel like life has become one big ‘to do’ list.
  • You are stuck in work or a lifestyle you don’t like anymore.
  • There are some issues (at work, home or in you) that you think are holding you back.
  • You’re not having enough fun, relaxation, creativity or adventures.
  • You don’t feel like you have the support you need to make this change.
  • You want to create anything: a business, a new relationship, a home, a different perspective or even find fulfilling hobbies.
  • Find it hard to put your big ideas into action.
  • You feel scared to take the leap but doing nothing isn’t an option either.

Change feels daunting (it does for everyone) but you’re finally feeling ready to go for it.

Imagine having…the care, support and time to focus on YOU!

You’ll receive my years of experience, big tool kit, perception and intuition.

To let go of energetic, emotional and practical blocks.
To have deeper understanding about yourself and your needs.
To remember or gain that bigger vision again for your life.
To connect with your own intuition and remember or learn about your gifts.
To re-connect or expand your spiritual connection, your heart or your gut instinct.
To learn to trust yourself again and feel more joy.
To come up with a practical step by step plan.
To feel accountable to me for taking real world action.


‘LIVE YOUR SOUL, NOT A ROLE.’  Sonia Choquette

If it’s time for you to grab this year by both hands and make it count, please get in touch.

What you get:

With the LIFT OFF!  One to one coaching package you receive:

  • 3 x 1 hour one to one coaching sessions with me.
  • The sessions are every fortnight (but can be closer together if you prefer).
  • We will focus on ONE big goal or challenge.
  • You receive email support too between 9-5 Monday-Friday (emails answered within 24 hours).
  • I will tailor make the sessions to suit your needs but you will always receive: clarity on the issues, finding a brilliant plan, tools to use, homework and accountability. We’ll check in at the beginning and end to make sure you’re where you’d love to be.


“Thea has a marvelously original approach, imaginative and insightful. Her enthusiasm and playful spirit are completely infectious! With her kind support and guidance, I have re-discovered my creative spirit – and developed a much stronger sense of self.”  Kate G

 How it works:

We will work by landline, Skype or FaceTime as you prefer. I’ll call you!

FAQ:  Is it as effective to work via the phone or Skype as meeting in person?

Answer: Yes!! My clients are international and national so I’ve mainly been working this way for 10 years. I’ve found that it is definitely as, if not more, effective as we can totally focus on you whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.

ALL THIS FOR: £195/$255 (normally £225/$300)

To book:  Simply Email me.

Please get in touch with any questions and if you’re new to coaching or would like a taster first of the way I work, why not book in for a DISCOVERY SESSION?

Why Work With Me

theaatdeskI’m a qualified life coach with 10 years of experience. I help people to have the clarity, courage and commitment to bring their wonderful talents out and go for big dreams allowing them to create a life they love.

I’m known for my intuitive ability, enthusiasm, warm hearted open minded nature and genuine care, as well as my sense of humour.

I love to bring your big ideas or spiritual self together with practical action. I have a huge tool kit to draw upon to do so and get you moving in an amazing direction.


*Please note, I’m only able to work with a handful of clients at a time so I’m not able to work with everyone. I will do my best to recommend you elsewhere if not and please continue to enjoy the resources this site has to offer.

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