What if you were  able to do something that you’ve been dreaming about that you have not had the confidence or the courage to do yet you know it’s keeping you playing a small game in your life?

Or you know there’s something you need to face in your relationships, that’s holding you back?

You probably know exactly what I’m talking about – right?

It could be taking your dream that you put on the shelf years ago – that passion that keeps nagging at the back of your mind and you know time is passing.

Or it could be that you’re afraid that your life won’t have meaning because you aren’t doing what you’re here on the planet to do and use your divine gifts that only you have. Sometimes all we need is someone else to believe that we can do it and to give us the guidance and support to help us make it happen.

Each one of us has something that we know if we did it our life would change for the better. Fear comes in a variety of flavours – procrastination, self-sabotage, distractions, overwhelm, worry, confusion and doubt and this is what keeps us playing small and not living up to our full potential.

I call these game-changing decisions that take our life or business up to another level. You no longer settle for what you have but you take action to get what you most desire.

Each of us need at certain times in our life the support and encouragement to help us make it happen. 

If you are stuck, if what I’ve just said resonates with you and you want to play a bigger game in your life, I have a spot available for a complimentary Bold Soul Discovery session with you.  Click here to book your FREE Session (or drop me a line).

 This complimentary call with me will help you get clear on what you need to do to move forward. 

As well as a life changing 30 minutes, we can have a chat about whether you’d like to sign up for my other coaching programmes. But there’s genuinely no selling, obligation or pressure-so you might as well dip your toe in the water!

During the session we will:

  • Talk about how life is going and what you’d love to change.
  • Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you stuck.
  • Look at how you’d love your life to look.
  • Create a vision to manifest that destiny (you can work with and keep forever).
  • I will offer my own intuitive sense of the situation too (if you’d like it!).
  • Create a perfect plan!


“After a coaching session with her I always feel so much more aligned with the true me and realise it is actually not that hard to live the life I dream of! Thea’s intuition is exceptional, her solutions are always creative, a true pioneer in her field!”

C. Hellier, Brighton. UK


This is for you if:

You know you’re an intelligent, creative, fun, brave, caring person but …

  • You feel like you aren’t making the most of your life.
  • Sometimes you feel like life has become one big ‘to do’ list.
  • You are stuck in work or a lifestyle you don’t like anymore.
  • There are some issues (at work, home or in you) that you think are holding you back.
  • You’re not having enough fun, relaxation, creativity or adventures.
  • You don’t feel like you have the support you need to make this change.
  • You want to create anything: a business, a new relationship, a home, a different perspective or even find fulfilling hobbies.
  • You find it hard to put your big ideas into action.
  • You feel scared to take the leap but doing nothing isn’t an option either.

You know:

It’s time to listen to your inner voice telling you it’s time to step up and live your purpose. It’s time too to sort through those issues, find your balance and bring back your joy.

“Thea is brilliant and probably the most valuable of the many coaches I have had over the past 3 years.” Jesse, Brighton. UK

How it works:

We will talk via landline, Skype or FaceTime as you prefer. I’ll call you!

FAQ: Is it as effective to work via the phone or Skype as meeting in person?

Answer: Yes!! My clients are international and national so I’ve mainly been working this way for 10 years. I’ve found that it is definitely as, if not more, effective as we can totally focus on you whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.

All this for FREE!

To book: Simply Email Me

Please get in touch with any questions.

Why Work With Me

theaatdeskI’m a qualified life coach with 10 years of experience. I help people to have the clarity, courage and commitment to bring their wonderful talents out and go for big dreams allowing them to create a life they love.

I’m known for my intuitive ability, enthusiasm, warm hearted open minded nature and genuine care, as well as my sense of humour.

I love to bring your big ideas or spiritual self together with practical action. I have a huge tool kit to draw upon to do so and get you moving in an amazing direction.

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