For those ready for a leap in life! It’s time for you to get clarity, manifest and invest in yourself and the life you long to create. Let’s make a do-able plan and get you on the road to your big dreams.

I’m a life coach with 10 years of experience and I help people to have the clarity, courage and commitment to bring their wonderful talents out, go for bold goals, strike out on adventures and do what they feel like they came here to do (whether you have a spiritual sense about that or a desire to make a difference in the world or in your world).

This is so that YOU get to create a life you love and inevitably (no matter where you put your energy) make the world a better place.

I’m interested in what REALLY matters to you-this isn’t about a superficial fix. I’m very practical too, it’s about a life that really works and is full of abundance, money, friends, success or whatever truly floats your boat.

I get you right so you get into flow and get into your zone of genius. You have one, I promise!

I’m known for my intuitive ability to ‘tune in’, give real clarity and find a way forward that genuinely works. I’m also known for my enthusiasm, warm hearted open minded nature and genuine care, as well as my sense of humour.

Having trained in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and studied so much else besides (past lives, energy work, relationship dynamics, even comedy…the list goes on!) I have a huge tool kit to draw upon to get you moving in an amazing direction.

To get moving quickly, why not book in for a FREE Discovery Session. You can also book it on my calendar below or drop me a line.

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I can’t wait to work with you!

Drop me a line with any questions & to book here.

How It Works:

We will talk via landline, Skype or FaceTime as you prefer. I’ll call you!


Is it as effective to work via the phone or Skype as meeting in person?

Answer: Yes!! My clients are international and national so I’ve mainly been working this way for 10 years. I’ve found that it is definitely as, if not more, effective as we can totally focus on you whilst you’re in the comfort of your home.


Jane B I love this woman! She is so much more than a life coach. Going the extra mile, she gives from an open heart which is true, generous, loving & kind. Everyone should have a Thea in their life! She has encouraged & supported me during a challenging life-changing period, helping me to focus on my strengths, to find endless courage & resources within myself to come through my fears & grow in confidence & trust in my true self…She is a rare jewel & I am so happy to have found her.” Jane B. Sheffield