I’m available to speak or offer a workshop to your group or your organisation. I can tailor make this to suit your needs. I always make these fun, interactive & engaging.



“I really enjoyed the workshop and feel I was meant to attend as I related to everything Thea said. She is a wonderful teacher and speaker. The workshop was very thought provoking and a good introduction…” (How To Have great Energetic Boundaries, MBS Experience, Alexandra Palace Oct 2016)~Selina Griffiths, Nurse.


Wildfire Women – Sep 2017


“The group jelled together very quickly and there was a gentle flow to how the workshop was put together each task or action led into the next so there was a obvious purpose. Thea held the space very well,  she has an enthusiastic passionate approach. It was a different style from some of the other workshops so it could be in a corporate or spiritual setting. Fab workshop!” (‘Live an Authentic Life’ Workshop, Sun & Moon Festival 2016)~ Angie Brown, Postnatal Doula. London



Community events, talks & trainings to inspire women to embrace their calling & do their life’s work.

In 2017 I co-founded Wildfire Women with Cat Rose Neligan & at our launch event in Brighton (Sept 2017) as well as speaking & compering ourselves, we gave the stage to 21 speakers, held 7 workshops & hosted live performances. We also supported RISE (the domestic abuse charity).


Our diverse speakers & workshop leaders ranged from creative entrepreneurs to authors & community builders to a BBC/CH4 documentary director, expert coaches to a social good tech company CEO from the US & even a few Wildfire Men!

It was quite a weekend (with 80 + inspired attendees).

Inspirational, eye-opening, motivational. Well worth attending. I left with my Wildfire Woman burning bright!~ Katy

The atmosphere was brilliant. It was empowering in every way that it could be. Has given me some great ideas to make some changes in my life.~ Barbara

Photos by Laura Morgan

Hear more about the event & learn about Wildfire Women.

Thea & Cat are also currently teaching The Bizapy Sessions & Thea (& Cat) are available to talk about any of the many topics covered.


To book me to speak or offer a workshop, please drop me a line

Here are some examples of the topics I offer:

How To Embrace Your Calling

For many of us, having a strong sense of purpose really matters. We feel lost without it. But do you really have a calling and how do you find it? How do you hone it and make it practical once you know what it is? Is it one thing or many? Like many others, Thea found hers through a crisis – in her case, recovery from devastating illness. Thea will tell her story and help you to more deeply connect with your mission (should you chose to accept it!) in this life.


DO OR DIE! How to Face Change.

Q: Why do we put change off? A: Because we’re human & we get scared! Our comfort zone has the word ‘comfort’ in it for a reason! Change can feel like going from a comfy old sofa with ice cream, slippers & netflix to …well, the UNKNOWN (which is like jumping off a cliff at night in a storm with no parachute, we imagine).
Most of us finally give in to change when we’ve REALLY had enough or worse, some kind of crisis happens-whether that’s an illness, divorce, addiction or you walk out of your job in the middle of the day leaving a half eaten doughnut on your desk (or was that just me?).
Having hit numerous rock bottoms including a serious 6 year illness, family fractures, accidents & living out of a car, Thea is no stranger to change that comes from crisis. But from all of this she has learnt that crisis & difficulty can bring great gifts. And even more importantly, she’s learnt how to make change that comes from passion, joy & her spirit.


Do You Long To Live a Lifestyle that’s Authentic & Joyful Enough To You?

Does your life truly suit who you are? Is it full of enough of the type of joy that you need to feel at your happiest? Are there elements of it that need some clarity or maybe it all needs a big shake up! How can you get fulfilment for your heart plus be practical at the same time? In this workshop, you’ll get to release obstacles & hear the wisest parts of you. So you can come away feeling inspired & with an exciting plan to take some new tiny steps or big bold leaps in creating a life that’s truly you!


Bring Out Your Super Powers as a Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you in the 20% of the population that is genetically highly sensitive? If the world sometimes feels a bit too much, you think & love deeply plus have creative, spiritual gifts & a desire to help people or the world-you may well be! In this workshop, you’ll learn more about your special traits, what you personally need to thrive in our busy modern world & how to bring your wonderful gifts out.

All this is a safe and fun environment with other sensitive, inspirational souls. You’ll leave feeling you know yourself better, know what you need & feel ready to light the world up with your personal super powers!


Nourish to Flourish~ How taking care of your real needs brings rich rewards.

What do YOU really need to feel happy, healthy & whole? We’ve been so well trained by our culture to ignore our true needs & desires, that we sometimes don’t even know! Back in her late twenties suddenly unable to work due to serious illness, Thea discovered that she certainly didn’t know her own true needs. She knew to recover, it was vital for her to find out!

In this fun, interactive & educational talk, Thea will share her own story as well as give you permission & exercises to encourage you to deeply listen to your hearts desires. You will discover your unique Joy Personality Types & create a personal action plan to take away with you leaving you feeling inspired & ready to create even more of a life you love.


How To Have Great Energetic Boundaries 

As lightworkers, energy healers & helpers of all descriptions (which includes being a parent or giving lots in your job), we feel called to give our love & energy to the world-which is wonderful! However, to give the greatest service, it’s also necessary to have healthy loving boundaries. Why? So we can keep on giving!


Get Your Creative Spark Back (or find it for the first time)

Sometimes life gets too blah…..too full of the 9 to 5, the ‘to do’ list that never gets done.

But you’ve still got a fire in your belly, you’ve always had it (or perhaps you want to try & light it) to do something creative: to make something amazing, change something important, to have a creative business or just get your joy back.

There’s a loud (or quiet) voice in you that wants to write, act, draw, start a charity or just step out of your comfort zone in some small way. Here’s how to listen to it, make the right creative decisions for you & get your creative spark back.

Wildfire Women – Sep 2017 with Thea & Cat

To book me to speak or offer a workshop, please drop me a line.