My goal is to support you in having that kick ass life you’ve always dreamt of, to make the most of your talents and feel as much joy as is humanly possible. I want to give you the tools, time, techniques and encourage you to have the courage to do so because I know how tough a life half lived can get.


I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Sussex and a Diploma in Clinical NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and EFT.

However, my real lessons definitely came through the school of hard knocks.

After University I ambled my way through a long series of unsatisfying jobs, with brief periods of happy travelling-I wanted to do something more but had no idea how.

My relationship at the time was difficult to say the least (I was the ‘responsible one’ with a boyfriend that led me on a merry dance all over the country and even ran up bills in my name) plus add in a difficult past and some bad patterns and crisis hit. Big time!

At age 26, I burnt out, unable to work and barely able to function at all. 

I was finally diagnosed with M.E (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I could hardly get out of bed, experienced every terrible symptom under the sun and had to leave my job, feeling like a shell of a woman. I cried desperately every day.

Ill at age 26.

I tell you, that’s one hell of a way to get yourself to pay attention to yourself! The 6 years that it took to fully recover were full of the biggest learning and discoveries it’s possible to imagine (and the learning never stops). You can read my full recovery story here.

During my recovery, I trained in Clinical NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and EFT, took a zillion other courses (began teaching on courses), read a whole heap of helpful books and began to understand quite a lot about myself that I really had no idea about before. I discovered that I had emotions (!!), a big need for creativity and that my boundaries had been fairly shockingly bad. A big spiritual side opened up too and I learnt how tuned in and intuitive I am-that was a shock! You can read more about that in my article for Soul and Spirit Magazine here.

What a miracle it was when I got totally well again.

Believe me when you’ve felt like death warmed up for very many years and not been sure if you’ll ever make it to the other side, the appreciation I felt was and still is, massive. It can still bring me to tears of gratitude and I’ve been totally better now for longer then I was sick.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”
Joseph Campbell

Not everyone goes quite this far to teach themselves how to live life fully and be themselves. But I’ve worked now with very many others who have, as well as people looking to take the next leap in their lives towards heartfelt dreams. And in the 10 years of therapy and coaching I’ve been doing, I’m privileged to have worked with some incredible, ordinary and extraordinary folk (read their praise here).

Thea in New Zealand
New Zealand

I am also committed forever to walking my own talk, being bloody brave and living my own adventure. It’s lead me on many journeys; here I am travelling in New Zealand and exhibiting my work at a conference with 1000 women in Los Angeles.

Me in LA.


And this once terribly shy wallflower of a girl (read the full story in this blog) began doing improvised comedy in 2009. This also came as a total surprise. It brought a husband (I met my lovely, funny soulmate Simon in that first class) and a taste for comedy acting involving sketch shows, pantos and the pinnacle in 2015 of playing a nun in a high level version of Sister Act The Musical. My love of all things joyful and creative (I’m an avid craft-er too) also caused me to call myself, ‘The Fun Expert’ for a number of years (which you may notice in my old videos and blogs). So, hopefully you can excuse the ever present silly sense of humour-as my clients will attest there may sometimes be tears but there will also always be some giggles.

Me as the disapproving Sister Mary Mercy (far left).

Comedy on the stage might not be your personal bag…

but I know from the bottom of my heart and having now done thousands of hours of coaching that you have untapped talents, secrets dreams and an ability to change the world in whatever way makes YOUR heart sing. And that can come with some lovely rewards along the way too, I’ve had clients meet their ‘one’, travel the globe, start fantastic new enterprises, find balance in a crazy world, start creative hobbies plus make great money too (there’s nothing wrong with that!).

dancing nuns
Dancing Nuns.

You are unique and nobody can do this like you can. Is it time for you to say yes and commit to your adventure?