The word ‘lifestyle’ is often attached to those things that ‘seem’ to empower us as women but quite often do the opposite—I’m talking aspirational, not inspirational.


Tara felt she SHOULD buy a house, she was in her early 40’s, had a good job & 2 children. “It’s the sensible thing to do”—that’s what her mother said, over & over again. Part of her genuinely wanted to stop renting & have a space she could decorate in her own taste. But the housing market in her area had sky rocketed-most houses were now out of many people’s reach.

picture3This one doesn’t sound glamorous, I know. Jigsaw puzzles conjure images of rainy afternoons in childhood spent with your Gran.

picture4An authentic lifestyle isn’t for the faint hearted.

picture5Your sense of purpose might come from a deep desire to express your creative gifts , a sense of calling or it might come from your spiritual connection.

Many spiritual teachings refer to some of us as ‘lightworkers’—here to raise the vibration of the planet & we have a sense of mission, of purpose about helping or healing in some way.


In the past I flip flopped from cynical (it’s incredibly hard to do your calling) to idealistic (everyone can absolutely do what they desire & totally express the energy of their soul—all their dreams and longings can be fulfilled).

picture7I was recently stuck in a very limited seeming housing situation—it had me frustrated, tired & feeling like I was hitting a brick wall. It took some determination but some magic eventually occurred. You can read about it here.

picture8As I’ve mentioned, you’ll probably have to be brave, be a bold soul—maybe take some risks to your finances, your heart—to step away from what friends or family think. From those SHOULDS.

To do that you’ll probably also need to grow some great boundaries—believe me, this is one of the biggest things I’ve had to learn about.

picture9There’s a kind of doubly tricky thing here—those of us that want this authentic lifestyle are often sensitive souls—we feel things deeply, we feel rocked by change, we don’t like to stand on that stage or risk our hearts for crazy love. We’re not natural warriors except that to some degree we need to be to push forward to create what we came here to create.

picture10How authentic is your lifestyle? Is it ‘YOU’ enough? Which aspects need a little attention?

Here’s a lovely exercise:


Thanks for reading & good luck with your continuing adventure!

Thea xox